• Paddy O'Sullivan

    Abstract art that awakens the soul
  • Commissioned Work

    Creating the perfect accent for your space
“You don’t access your intuition with your mind... you surrender to your body to invoke the wisdom of your intuition.”


— Paddy O’Sullivan

Painting is a visual language of expression. Viewing abstract images and art can help to bypass the logical thinking part of our brain allowing our intuition to connect to  the higher elements of our spirit. Each viewer’s experience is individual and unique. The way to your intuition is through the heart or feeling part of ourselves. Surrender your mind to you heart to understand the language and messages of abstract art. This is a natural way of being for some and very challenging for those who live primarily in their minds.


Bring Some Colour Into Your Life


Looking for that perfect piece to compliment your office or home? How about a unique, one of a kind gift for that special someone at Christmas?


Performance Painting

If your organization or group is looking for a unique way to engage people’s creative spirits, consider a Performance Art Event!